ERP Brings Tier-One Auto Supplier Together

With an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implemented and expanding, TOA USA can better monitor processes and movement across departments and across its supply chain, and make real-time, difference-making decisions.

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Strength & Safety: TOA USA Focuses on Building Quality Products and Quality Jobs in Mooresville

When you shipped 19,888,398 pieces to Subaru and 13,113,628 pieces to Toyota in 2015, have more than 1,200 employees, and operate a plant with more than a million square feet under roof, keeping it simple takes on a whole new meaning – and importance. Based on the success and growth TOA-USA has experienced since first coming to Mooresville in the year 2000, Owner Shinichi Iizuka and President Junichiro Kondo and their management team have orchestrated simplicity into a symphony.

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